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I have uploaded a large amount of material to the site now. But I shall be adding more theory material over the holiday. So, keep coming back!

Extra Notes

Remember: These extra notes are just to supplement your own classroom notes and textbook material. Downloading notes from the Internet is not a substitute for working in class.

Our notes section has a few of my articles linked to so far. About 20 more will be linked to over the holiday. Each set of notes also includes a few questions to help you explain what you have learned about the topic.

I have also started to add two sets of PowerPoint files. One group is to show you how to use a specific application, the other is to give more background to some of the social impact topics you need to cover.

Useful Links

Our links section contains a few recommended resources from elsewhere on the Internet. If yo are not sure of a topic, and you know it is going to come up in the exam, check out what some other ICT teachers around the world have told their students. Many of them also include quizzes to help prepare you for your exams.

As with all link directories, I have no control over the content of other people's websites. If a link becomes unavailable, or ceases to be appropriate, please tell me.


I have added a selection of worksheets and other resources for word-processing, spreadsheet, database and other applications software - looking at both the theoretical side and its practical application.

This section includes an additional sample practical exam piece for years 7, 8 and 9. All the worksheets are in PDF format so that they print out exactly as I designed them.

A Moodle Environment

A Moodle Environment for my own students is also available. This contains resources which I can distribute in class under fair use guidelines, but I am not licensed to publish elsewhere. Contact me for more details.

Quizzes, Games and Puzzles

By popular demand, I have added a few simple ICT games to help you review some basic concepts. More games, quizzes and puzzles will be added over the weekend.

Articles for Teachers

I shall also be adding some material for other IT teachers around the world. Watch this space for details.